Mostre ed esposizioni 1954 - 2000

Art Gallery “Senso” Cassano D’Adda MI




Pizzighettone CR “Gianni Brusamolino Arcaiche figure” Municipal Cultural Center.

Exibited at Fidenza Village: two big bronze sculpture “Grandi Tra-Perari”.




Compiano (Parma) - Salone del Municipio
Gianni Brusamolino
"The peace and the war"




Personal show
BRUSAMOLINO - Treviglio 1944  e Poi 
Treviglio (Bergamo) - Sala Esposizioni Garibaldi  




Personal show of painting and sculpture at Hotel Hilton in Milan

Castello di San Pietro in Cerro (XV sec.) Piacenza



One-man show of sculpture in Castellarquato, organised by the "Ars Agency" of Milano, patronised by the Culture Councillorship.

He also exhibited some sculpture works with catalogue title “5 theme sculptures” at the square of Switzerland Centre, patronised by the Swiss General Consulate. Among those works the sculpture "Mater Bosnia" recently gave as a present to Serajevo city, with texts by Carlo Franza and Alberto Veca



He took part together with other artists at the theme sculpture exhibition entitled “man’s hand”, promoted by the Italian Institute for surgery of the hand in Savona-Genoa.

He created a terracotta sculpture entitled “FAMULA DIVA”. These works have been exhibited at a collective show at PRIAMA fortress in Savona.

The town councils of Serajevo (Bosnia Erzegovina), based on motivated historic and artistic aspects, accepted the donation of the bronze sculpture “Master Bosnia”, dedicated by the author to the people of the country and of that city struck by war "terribilitas".



Personal show of painting and sculpture entitled “Erice, the place of sculpture” in Erice (Trapani), patronised by the Erice town hall councillorship.

Collective show entitled “Lion wings” by D'Ars Agency of Milan, of Banco San Marco (Venice). 

One-man show at Bocconi University in Milan entitled “The allegory of go”. Historical text by Carlo Franza


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Mastering -page: Personal Exhibition at Angelicum place in Milan, entitled "A sculpture and something else", with presentation of the monograph having the same title. The exhibition included the period from 1982 to 1994.


He took part at collective show “10 sculptures for one route”, with a steel sculptura (3,20x1,10x0,90 mts dimentions), historic text by Carlo Franza, Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan).

1993 Exhibited at the seat of U.B.S. bank in Lugano some works by “The River by Gianni Brusamolino”.


He took part with three of his sculpture works at the “international prize for sculpture and ceramics” at Museum of sculpture and ceramics in Faenza



He took part with one of his sculpture at the exhibition “Live in the time” at Verona Fairground Palace.



Collective show at D’Ars Gallery, entitled "Author’s love"


1987 Collective show at Vinciana Gallery in Milan



He organised for the New Ergus Gallery in Treviglio two painting exhibition with 36 international famous artists. The first one entitled “The Sign-Peace”, and the other one entitled “11 artists, 11 works”.

Took part at a theme exhibition called “Author money” and at the exhibition “Do not eat” at Villa Barzino, in Serravalle (Genova).

Personal exhibition with works from 1942 to 1950 entitled “My 15 Years” at Nuova Ergus Gallery in Treviglio.



Took part at the Atr Expo in Bari, an exhibition of four painters: , Brusamolino, Cusumano, Nangeroni, Schiavocampo, entitled “Travel around Sicily”, at Le Colonne Gallery in Palermo.

At the Rotonda of Besana in Milan he was present with the art collection “the provisional day” of 1964 at the exhibition entitled “Giorgio Upiglio and the artistic printing”.

One-man show at Nuova Ergus  Gallery in Treviglio, having theme "Materia picturae".



One-man show at the central seat of the Popolare Bank in Milan.

He is invited at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara to deliver an exhaustive speech about his works having the theme “Avitauro’s miracles”. 

One-man show at La Chiocciola Gallery in Padova. One-man show at San Michele Gallery in Brescia.

Group exhibition entitled “A mechanical idea”, with 115 artists at the Civic Contemporary Art Gallery in Ascoli Piceno.

Invited at Biennial Exhibition “Innocent Pain” at Real Palace in Milan.



He took part with three important works at the national exhibition “Image Dialectics” ,at the Michetti Museum in Francavilla a mare (Pescara), by Roberto Sanesi. One-man show at Vinciana Gallery in Milan.

One-man show with water-colour paintings at Schettini Gallery in Milan.

One-man show at Art Expo in Brescia. Group exhibition “Complimentary offer to Como” at Pantha Art Gallery in Como.

Anthologic exhibition at Nuova Ergus Gallery in Treviglio (Bergamo).



One-man show at the seat of the Popolare Bank in Rome with works about the theme "Materia Picturae".

Took part at the Art Expo in Bari. One-man show at Borgogna Gallery in Milan, having theme “The Avitauro”, text by Roberto Sanesi.

He was present at the national exhibition “Co-operation and society crisis” sponsored by the National Consumers Association in Rome (Coop).


1981 Group exhibition entitled “Illustrated author book” at the Rotonda of Besana in Milan.


1980 One-man show at Le Pleiadi Gallery in Monza having theme “Springtime 1980”




Retrospective exhibition of works of the 50es at Schettini Gallery in Milan.

One-man show at Le Pleiadi Gallery in Monza

One-man show at Il Punto Gallery, in Calice Ligure (Savona).

One man show at Il Salotto Gallery in Como


One-man show at Studio D’Ars, in Milan with works about the theme: "Structural theme".

One-man show at L’Arco Gallery in Como

He took part at the exhibition “Italian Graphics” in Lublijana

He was present at the exhibition “Actual Italian painting” at the Civic Library in Saronno.

One-man show at Studio D’Ars, in Milan with works about the theme "Papiers lettre".


1977 One-man show at “Meetings” Cultural Club, in Fara d’Adda (Bergamo).


1976 Group exhibition at Calice Ligure Town Hall (Savona).



One-man shows entitled “For the individuation of a plastic space” at Vismara Gallery in Milan, at Ferrari Gallery in Treviglio (Bergamo), at Studio Rotelli Gallery in Finalborgo (Savona).

Invited at Biennial Exhibition “Innocent Pain” at Real Palace in Milan.


1974 Participated with six woks at Mentone Biennial Exhibition



One-man show at La Triade Gallery in Turin. show at La Meridiana Gallery in Verona. One-man show at Paviarte Gallery in Pavia.

Invited at Biennial Exhibition “Innocent Pain” at Real Palace in Milan.



One-man show at Gallery “Il Giorno” in Milan. Exhibited works title was “Fagocìnesi".

One-man show at Gallery “Il Salotto” always having “Fagocìnesi" theme. Works are also introduced on 2nd TV channel by Antonio Donat-Cattin.


1971 In Cassano d’Adda, the city where he was born, was organised an anthological exhibition. 

He carried on some studies and a preliminary sketch for a steel sculpture of 15 mt. height to be inserted inside the autodrome Ricard at Castellet, in Var country. The work was refused for stylistic problems. 

At the end of 1971 he gave his resignations from the Fondation Paul Ricard and in 1972 he was back to Milan.


1969 Exhibited at the Galérie de Bendor, in Bandol, his work dedicated to the city of Bordeaux, entitled “La traite des noirs" (6x2 mts dimensions), together with many paintings by Salvador Dalì entitled "La pèche au thon".



One-man show at Gallery “La Giara” in Turin

One-man show at Gallery “L'Elefante” in Mestre.

Participated at “Biella prize for engraving” in Biella

Together with Giorgio Upiglio editor and printer, he elaborated a Collection of art entitled “The provisional day” with a preface by Garibaldo Marussi.

The work included ten etchings, two coloured lithographs and ten unpublished poems by Curzia Ferrari. The critic Franco Passoni and Salvatore Quasimodo introduced this work to the Milanese audience.

Salvatore Quasimodo kept up a running commentary on it at radio and television programs. “Images come in” is the title to give a conclusion to “The River” theme


1963 One-man show at Gallery “The Angle” in Monza.

One-man show at Gallery “Art-centre” in Milan.

One-man show at Galley “Montenapoleone” in Milan.

1962 Took part at following general exhibitions: S. Marino Biennal Exhibition, Amiens Biennal Exhibition (France), “Ezi Prize” in Palermo, “Cesare da Sesto Prize” where he won a purchasing prize.

He was also present at other important general exhibitions of paintings and drawings in Milan, Turin, Nice, Marsiglia, Verona, Colonia, Bologna, Lugano and Bruxelles.



One-man show at Gallery “Il Punto” in Palermo.

Together with other six artists he took part at an exhibition entitled “Six artists from Milan”, in Denver, Colorado.


1959 One-man show at Galerie 93 in Paris, where he settled and worked the whole year. He met here Mr. Severini and Mr. Manessier.



During this year, besides the one-man show at the Puget Galerie in Marsiglia, he had another one-man show at the Centre Ricard of Sainte Marthe in Marsiglia.

One of his works dedicated to the Camargue was inserted at Musée Taurin in Nimes


1956 He lived and worked in Camargue and in Marsiglia, where he exhibited some of his works at the Puget Galerie. While he was in France a one-man show was organised by the Rotta Gallery in Genoa in 1957.



Personal exhibition at Rotta Gallery in Genoa.

Second personal exhibition at Schettini Gallery in Milan. Main theme of exhibited paintings: “the city”. This was the first evidence on thematic criteria of the artist, a procedure forming his personal expressive identity.


1954 First one-man show at Schettini Gallery in Milan.