Introduction "Necessarily in relation to the homologated methodology of the Internet information system, a synthesis of ideas of the master Gianni Brusamolino has been inserted in his personal site - protagonist of the field of short contemporary art and clearly motivated in the generational historical framework. [...]"

Gianni Brusamolino,


Come and Go

"In the artistic field the action represents a vital gesture aiming to reveal the beauty, since we deem that the work that makes it real is going to re-vitalise it and to perpetuate the dream of a secret world pervading the existence. [...]"

Gianni Brusamolino,
Milan, February 1995



Ai piedi di

"A blow in movement, expanded towards numerous and uncatchable significant, anxious of grazing and understanding such internal spirit, the shadow of the labyrinth that each one of us is hiding. [...]"

Franco Manzoni



Figure and subject

"Brusamolino’s privileged image in these years can be circumscribed to human being in the variety oh his attitudes and fittings and in parallel, the animal subject, the more episodical and contingent was the starting-point. [...]"

Alberto Veca